Centurion (2016 Season)


Centurion is an original play by Richard Garey based on extensive research into the life of the Roman army 2000 years ago. It is the story of a boy captured by the legions, trained to fight, schooled to be an officer, and hardened as a veteran of the frontier wars. It is also the story of an observer sent to Judea by the Emperor himself. It is the report of the keenest of observers who stood at the very crossroads of human history. It is the story of a soldier who meets a king, the story of a warrior who meets a man of peace. It is the story of a convicted man, a cross, and a centurion. After that week-end in Judea, nothing will ever be the same.

You can find Centurion at its home in the historic Planter’s Barn Theater of Hannibal, MO or during its travelling shows worldwide. Please contact our home box office at 573-231-0021 with any questions you may have.