Hannibal at the Door

From the river to the citizens, Hannibal at the Door by Richard Garey will show you Mark Twain’s hometown through a completely new lens. Enjoy a series of poems, each showcasing a small aspect of the greater whole that is Hannibal, MO! Featuring original watercolor illustrations by Patricia Garey, and a unique layout by Skye Childers, purchase this new part of Hannibal’s culture today.

Hannibal at the Door, Autographed Copy


Reviews and Praise for Hannibal at the Door

“…has captured that essence, that uniqueness, that Americanness, that very humanity, and universality of Hannibal, Missouri and the person and works of Mark Twain in his poetry. And it truly was a pleasure to curl up in my Barcalunger and immerse myself in this book.”
— Vicky L. Crane, Retired Sr. Lecturer, Dept. of Sociology, UW-Eau Claire


“…your book is brilliant. I found your use of Twain’s voice completely credible, legitimate enough to be mistaken for the man himself. There is a depth and understanding to your analysis of his characters, Hannibal and his life that are as uncanny as they are extraordinary. The only thing better would be to hear you perform them in person. Sincerely, terrific work.”
— Joe Schwartz, author of STABCO


“When the words are about to run out and you are bringing the reader around to the fullness of the idea, it is like a roller-coaster ride of euphoria by the time you get to the end. I’m anxious to get my hands on several copies to give as gifts to people I love the most — writers! I feel like someone just took me to the restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to all my life and its 100 times better than I could have imagined and I want more but I can’t stuff one more bite. Thank you for doing this.
— Sue Jackson, Writer and Editor