Specialty Programs

Conventions and Business Meetings

Richard Garey’s “Work as Theater”
This exciting address and acting demonstration shows your audience how to use the actor’s tools to win on the business stage. Including How to Prepare for Your Role, Overcoming Stage Fright, Being Believable and Authentic, Likability Factors, Costuming for Success, Using the Voice and Body to Communicate, and Teamwork. With 30 years experience in theater and business Garey will make your event memorable. Work as Theater can be presented as a single address or workshop.

Pat Faber Garey’s “The Agility Challenge”
With over fifteen years experience in career placement, career outplacement, and career coaching, author and business owner Pat Faber Garey shows individuals and corporations how to use change to move to a new performance level. The Agility Challenge can be given as a single address or workshop.

Stage Show: Mark Twain on Business
Richard Garey will electrify and energize your meeting with his acclaimed show Mark Twain on Business. From the writings and life of author and personality Samuel L. Clemens, this show takes you into the business wins and losses, the humorous insights, and the wisdom of one of our greatest authors.

Educational Conventions and Teachers’ Meetings

Richard Garey’s “The Classroom as Theater”
Combining his passions for teaching and the stage, Richard Garey will make your Convention or Teachers’ Meeting memorable. He will prove to you that the classroom is truly a theater and show you how to use the tools an actor uses to make the classroom experience successful. Using his own experiences in the classroom and on the stage, Garey will help you take your teaching to a new level. Based on Richard Garey’s book The Classroom as Theater to be released in Fall 2006.

Pat Faber Garey’s “Riding the Wave”
The one constant in life is change. Pat Faber Garey challenges your audience to use change to propel their careers to a new level of success. Change is coming; learn to embrace the wave of change and use it to your advantage.

Stage Show: Mark Twain Himself
Combining history and literature in a very entertaining package, Mark Twain Himself is hilarious comedy and compelling drama. It’s great entertainment for your convention or meeting.

Universities, Colleges, Schools

Pat Faber Garey’s “Great Jobs for Graduates”
Based on her book Great Jobs for Graduates, Pat Faber Garey shows your students how to land their dream job in ninety days. Using extensive research and over fifteen years of personal experience in job placement and career counseling, this exciting material can be presented as a speech or workshop.

Pat Faber Garey’s “Finding Your Wings”
Using exercises to find the personal success stories and the personal success themes of your life, Pat Faber Garey will help you discover the passion and purpose for your life: what she likes to call Finding Your Wings. This presentation could change your life.

Stage Shows and Fundraiser Shows
We can book a show to enhance your educational curriculum and bring excitement to your academic program. We can book an entertaining theater event for your campus. We can help you raise lots of money for your project.


Richard Garey’s “Church as Theater”
Using his background as a performer, Richard Garey will show you how to make church an experience rather than a routine. Authenticity, reality, engaging all five senses, and real communication are some of the topics covered. You will never do church the same again.

Richard Garey’s “How to Start a Drama Ministry”
You can open ministry to the ten to twenty percent of your members who would like to serve with their theatrical talents. Richard Garey will show you how to get started, the obstacles to avoid, and the principles of church drama success.

Richard Garey’s “An Actor Reads the Bible”
Using the skills an actor uses in reading a play, Richard Garey will show you how to read the Bible dramatically using all five senses. It opens the door to greater meaning and personal involvement in what you read.

Church Shows
A number of shows are very appropriate for church performance including The Gospel According to Mark, A Shepherd’s Tale, Dr. David Paulson Live, Captain Bates, and Twain on Slavery.

Church Fundraiser Shows
We can help you raise the funds you need in a very interesting and enjoyable way.

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